Barangay Los Angeles Leadership Team

This year’s cycle of board members truly stand at the precipice of seeing historic events unfold. Community needs have grown dramatically in the past 20 years. Never before has the LGBTQ community been on the forefront both in the political and community arena. With issues centered around marriage equality, immigration to school bullying, community members are waiting to hear our voices.
Nina Garcia
Vice President of Finance

"Serving the Filipino LGBTQIA community is both a privilege and a personal accomplishment. Barangay LA is "family" and to have to capacity to help fulfill its mission feeds my cultured soul."

Brian Ilagan
Internal Vice President

Mikee Millano

Andrew Pham
Director of Marketing & Public Relations

"I'm all about the future and my hope is that Barangay Los Angeles is a forum for a better tomorrow."

Geneviéve Tolentino
Director of Membership

Darv Dayondon
Director of Signature Events

"Coming out was a difficult time in my life, and if I can lend strength to a member during their difficult time, then I feel like my time with BarangayLA is worth it."